lauradelatour (lauradelatour) wrote in nativeamerica,

I am hated

I realize that Native Americans must hate whites. I am white and I feel hated, but I do understand why and I have no problem with that. Native Americans tend to have a high respect for their ancestors and ours being the murdurers of theirs, it makes sense to me. I posted a topic in a live journal recently that I wished I had not posted about me being white and if I was still allowed there. I think from having no welcome responses, the answer must have been "no". I don't know what to say, but there are white people that respect Indians and there are those who still treat them really bad and do not care for their culture. I am not one of those that disrespect them and never intend to do something like that to them. I do not romanticize Indians either, but I merely respect them for their way of life and wish to help promote their culture. I am constantly hated so it makes no difference to me among Muslims, Indians, Native Americans, El Salvadorians and other Hispanic people that continue to develop a hatred for white people. I wish I could take away the hatred, but I cannot because I understand. Then, when I look at El Salvadorian people who like American white people yet we supported the destruction of their country, I always tell them. You should definitely hate us, but they say that they do not hate the individuals but they hate the government and the government everywhere is ALWAYS corrupt and unfortunately, they influence the people, but I am not influenced by the corruption of my government rather I am indifferent about the system ever benefiting the people or any culture in this country. Please, if anyone has anything to say about what I said or they want to protest against what I am saying. Please, speak up!!!

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