quasilover (quasilover) wrote in nativeamerica,

I like being called white :)

I like it when people other than white call me that. It is true Europeans and white Americans talk about racial differences more than members of other ethnic groups, but my Native American or African American pals do use the word "white".

Whenever meeting Indians or black people I am very aware of being white, particularly when we are talking about cultural differences or history. Last year, I participated in a Lakota language course by a native speaker living in my country, and even there, I asked the teacher if it was correct for a white person to say certain things. Not to mention that about 10 years ago when my Native American penpal joked to me in an erotic way, I sometimes thought he was eroticising me because I was white! :D

I'm sure I'm not the only white woman interested in Indian history and modern day life who is or would be delighted and flattered if Native Americans referred to her as "the (little) white friend of ours". Please, don't start explaining to me this is politically incorrect or racist. No, it isn't, for I am talking mainly about myself, and I can and have to be called white when discussing with people of African or Native American descent. :)
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